June 2018RDTA Consulting becomes « RDTA Consulting Group »


April 2018RDTA Consulting celebrates four years of innovative existence


Feb. 2016RDTA launches new Internet Identity & Presence


May 2015RDTA's Principal presents an eDiscovery debriefing at QuBit 2015 Security Conference.


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Article: „eDiscovery over the next decade”

RDTA´s Principal publishes an editorial on eDiscovery in a leading global governance magazine. „eDiscovery over the next decade”, Ethical Boardroom, Winter 2014-2015 Edition.

In this forward-looking article, Rafik Abboud discusses a European-centric approach of eDiscovery, with challenges and possible paths forward.


To access the online article, go to the website of Ethical Boardroom at the following link.


Presentation: „eDiscovery versus eSecurity”

RDTA´s Principal presents at QuBit 2015 Security Conference in Prague a debriefing on data security in European eDiscovery contexts.


To access the website of QuBit Security Conference, please follow the link.