June 2018RDTA Consulting becomes « RDTA Consulting Group »


April 2018RDTA Consulting celebrates four years of innovative existence


Feb. 2016RDTA launches new Internet Identity & Presence


May 2015RDTA's Principal presents an eDiscovery debriefing at QuBit 2015 Security Conference.


RDTA Consulting Group > Services

RDTA Consulting Group provides eData and eDiscovery technology, resourcing and advisory services.

Using third-party and proprietary professional tools, sound methodologies and proper resourcing, we assist our clients in assessing, designing, auditing, controlling, managing and maintaining data solutions in the most challenging eData and eDiscovery contexts.


We support the management of data projects across the EMEA region by designing data-related operations and change efforts, auditing and recommending vendors, and monitoring projects, costs and risks.


From data identification and preservation through data production and disposition, we advise, assist and monitor the technology operations of technology and service vendors across the EMEA region.


We assist in identifying human resource needs for data projects, and we recruit and assist in the delivery of those resources in the capacities of vendors, consultants, contractors or employees, based on the relevant regulations and requirements.

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